The Challenge

The current global economic model threatens basic human needs, social equity, and the life support systems of the planet. Critics of these models often promote sustainability solutions that focus on greening existing economies. These strategies are winning some battles, yet ultimately losing the fight to create economic and social prosperity within planetary boundaries. The challenge for policy makers and citizens, alike, is to rethink our approach to the economy to yield a more enduring prosperity.


Economic models that work  for more people, within planetary boundaries

Rethinking Prosperity is a civic engagement project to identify and communicate economic models that work for more people, within planetary boundaries. We explore new ideas and effective communication strategies through learning communities that bridge the classroom, research, and civic arenas. We track local, national and global conversations about prosperity driven by sustainable and equitable economics. The goal is to enable stakeholders, from citizens to policymakers, to find common ground, develop strategies, and take action on economic ideas for sustainable societies.
  • Searching for Promising Ideas
  • Finding Practices That Work
  • Developing Communication Models
NEXT EVENT:The American Global Challenge: Aligning Economy, Democracy & Environment in the 21st Century
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The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (CCCE) at the University of Washington, Seattle is uniquely positioned to integrate the core elements of learning, research, and public service that define this program.  Our Faculty, Student, and Community Team led by CCCE Director Lance Bennett, have the expertise to communicate new ideas effectively, and our network of advisers and fellows ground and inform our work.  These partnerships and projects, from local to international aim to build civic capacity and create a new generation of change agents.


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