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Too Good to Be True: Volkswagen’s “Clean Diesel” Scandal and the Rule of Profit

Volkswagen’s deception, fraud, and regulatory and criminal violations are sickening. While it’s tempting and necessary to figure out what happened and who is responsible, it’s not sufficient. We need to question the underlying values and assumptions...
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‘Our Power’ Calls for Just Transition to Next Economy

Communities of color have typically been left out of the conversation about economics, dominated by a homogeneous group of white, male theorists. You may be hard pressed to name a famous economist of color, even in the most progressive circles. But people...
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“Oui” to Green Policy

Lena Blake Recently, the French Parliament passed laws mandating all new buildings built in commercial zones in France to be partially covered in plants or solar panels. These green roofs will improve air quality, regulate building temperatures, mediate...
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“Ingredients” – And Their Implications for our Health, Economy & Environment

“Ingredients” (2009) is an inspiring and mouthwatering documentary about the local food movement in the United States. It has a dual regional focus as it explores the state of the local food supply in Oregon and New York State. The filmmakers also...
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The Dutch Secret to Happiness: Working Less?

By Ben Lennon   | Americans work. A lot. And we have for a long time. The 40-hour workweek was implemented during the Great Depression, and at the time it represented a cut in average hours worked, intending to be used as a job creation tool. Back...
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