Americans for Prosperity?

A closer look into the billion dollar political industry that brothers Charles and David Koch use to favor big business. Koch Industries has contributed a significant amount of money to the political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity fights for economic prosperity through deregulation of business practices, free markets, and the disassembly of unions. The brothers have “purchased” more than half of the senate and are making strides towards owning the White House. The group played a significantly rule in the 2010 Republican takeover in the U.S House of Representatives.

Who will be the prosperous Americans if their model of prosperity succeeds? What is an alternative to this model?

This video nicely compliments Professor of Political Science Lawrence Lessig’s arguments and hesitations about political campaign finance, spending, and funding. Koch Industries and Americans For Prosperity played a significant role in making the 2012 election the most expensive race to date.


By: Millie Goebel

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