Be The Change with B Corp

Caitlin Petrie

What if companies not only strived to make profits, but also to help change our planet? The B Corp companies are doing just that. B Corp is a community of over 900 businesses that are committed to working towards a better world. These companies believe that they can turn a profit, all while paying fair wages and not hurting the environment. And there are some pretty successful companies  apart of the B Corp community. Companies like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s have all been B Corp certified. B Corp is a certification process that helps consumers support companies that follow this sustainable model. They even have a “Declaration of Interdependence”, acknowledging that working together to improve our world is a good thing!  B Corp’s business model is rethinking a prosperous future for companies around the world.

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  1. urbanferal

    This type of collaborative work is great! I think that creating a better future with a healthier society and planet truly is a matter of interdependence between government, citizens, and companies. I especially like that the video mentions their efforts for passing laws. Appropriate legislation is the only way to really ensure a better future as far as corporate behavior.

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