Broccoli- The Meat Of Any Salad

Millie Goebel

Americans are bombarded with advertisements in every facet of their life. A significant portion of these advertisements is dedicated towards food. More specifically processed food such as Taco Bell, Doritos, Coca-Cola, and Hershey Chocolate all dominant television ads. Advertising agencies have an incredible ability to construct and appeal to consumer identity through their advertisements.

An ad agency was challenged to create a marketing campaign that would make Broccoli cool. They created catchy slogans, desirable apparel, and overall a thoughtful marketing campaign. Unfortunately this is not a real advertising campaign but it sparked something of interest to me. Americans are subconsciously affected by advertising and become loyal members of our consumer driven society. This is something that I don’t see changing, people will always want to buy stuff. What if we used the similar techniques that all of the most successful advertising agencies have used in the past and start advertising for more sustainable and healthy products? Maybe we wouldn’t all hit the mute button when commercials air in between cable programs and listen to a commercial about things like broccoli.

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  1. katielowell

    I think the main issue that might limit the prevalence of sustainable and healthy products is money. There are a handful of commercials that advertise healthy lifestyles and foods, but they get lost among the Taco Bell, Doritos, and Coke commercials that you mention. The companies selling healthy lifestyles do not have the money to compete with these huge conglomerates. Who would fund a commercial advertising your local farmers market? Money and ownership is how information gets into the mass media, and these are resources that the minority advocates for healthy and sustainable lifestyles do not have.

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