Guest Post

The News from Dragon Mountain

By John M. Repp, activist in Seattle.  In May 2013, four Seattle peace and justice activists got a chance to visit Mondragon, the place where the largest and most successful group of producer cooperatives in the world began. Mondragon (“dragon mountain”)...
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Too Good to Be True: Volkswagen’s “Clean Diesel” Scandal and the Rule of Profit

Volkswagen’s deception, fraud, and regulatory and criminal violations are sickening. While it’s tempting and necessary to figure out what happened and who is responsible, it’s not sufficient. We need to question the underlying values and assumptions...
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Is It a Good Investment?

The renovated entrance to Bellwether’s Parker Apartments in Seattle. Photo courtesy of This post originally appeared at courtesy of Leslie Christian, CFA, investment advisor for integrated capital. In a...
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