Corporate Moral Dilemma

Millie Goebel

Disclaimer the video below contains language that may be offensive to the viewer.

This video may be offensive to some, but I find it informative for the following reasons; it presents not only the moral dilemma corporations encounter but the business relationships they must maintain with their shareholders. In recent years there has been a theme in certain distributions of mass media that “corporations” are evil. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to place yourself in the shoes of the executive employees of these high profile organizations? This video looks at the position that corporations are dealing with through a satirical perspective and does not represent a real organization. While this is not an accurate representation of all corporate solutions to their problems it is intellectually provoking. If you were in the shoes of a these corporate executives how would you address their circumstances? Would you opt to maintain a relationship with the shareholder or move away from your business values to protect the environment?



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  1. Max Grinberg

    Hahahah… I was watching this at first thinking to myself, what the hell are these people talking about, this has to be a joke. Low and behold! Awesome find, I wish people could have a “Shallow Hal” like vision commercials of today and see things like this instead of what shows up on our TVs.

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