First World Problems: Facebook

Shanice Hrouda

The most recent discussions have involved inequality, poverty, Somalian anarchy and the trends in environmental protection, all of which are connected to prosperity in some important way on a societal, cultural, or worldwide level.
I want to talk about Facebook for several reasons. One of those reasons is NOT because it is important in the grand scheme of things.
First, the social networking site can have a negative impact on our personal lives. Second, the impact that this site has on our lives is something that we can personally and individually control.
Prosperity is defined as the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and/or successful social status. Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which can be independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health. (Thanks Wikipedia)
The connection between Facebook and prosperity? Facebook can have a negative impact our happiness, and therefore our prosperity.

Studies have been appearing linking unhappiness to this social media site, you may recognize some of those feelings yourselves.

So sometimes Facebook makes us sad and lonely. It’s unfortunate, but trivial within the bigger picture. However, how can we hope to affect or change prosperity if we are each not addressing the simplest things that affect our inner psyche and the psyche of those closely attached to us. Just food for thought.

On a slightly more entertaining note, if you have some time to spare, take a couple minutes to watch the video below. The blogger, LACK78 possesses no other qualification then a decent amount of common sense, and in eights minutes, reviews almost every thought and sentiment that I have ever felt about Facebook.


  1. vavrok

    I agree that facebook may cause unhappiness – it’s constantly comparing your life to a thousand others. However, it has become almost impossible to get rid of. For example, the facebook group pages are a main method of communication for activities and announcements. Recently, I was invited to a friend’s wedding via facebook, because she didn’t have any addresses to send invitation cards to and used facebook to collect them. It’s amazing and concerning that in a few short years the way we communicate and interact with those around us has been completely transformed.

  2. urbanferal

    I completely disagree with seeing social networking, particularly facebook in such a purely negative light. People who compare themselves to others and feel bad as a result were doing that long before social networking was invented. For myself, I see a tool for building friendships accross borders, sharing art and creations, staying connected with family and friends from around the world and spreading important news that the mainstream media fails to discuss. Social netowrking has served as a catalyst for organizing social movements all over the world as well. Take the Arab spring movement for example, the large protests in Tahir square were organized via facebook primarily. Yes, those people who spend far too much time updating their friends on their every move, airing their dirty laundry and sulking at the sight of other’s achievements might feel bad. But aren’t those people going to find ways to feel bad anyway? My stance is that facebook does more good than bad in today’s society.

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