Following the political money trail: who’s funding who?

Sasha G.

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organization I stumbled across while researching campaign finance reform. I found one article particularly interesting. It discussed pursuit of investigating Republican Alec Mooney, who ran in the West Virginia GOP primary this past month. The organization found that the pro-Mooney super Pac ‘Freedom Frontier Action Network,’ which funded his campaign was primarily funded by three “limited liability companies.” The article explains that post citizens united corporate campaign funding has decreased, while funding from individual wealthy donors who must reveal their identity have increased.

The ‘Freedom Frontier Action Network’ may have found a loophole, According to the article “federal law allows companies — including certain nonprofits and LLCs — to donate to super PACs, though they need not identify their officers by name.” Three companies with mysterious origins made up for the bulk of the super Pac’s funding. One of which had very mysterious origins, namely Boston Holdings Inc. LLC. The company was listed a Boston, MA address. However when the center investigated they found that no such company was registered with that name in MA, and there was no such tenant at the address listed. They found a company with the same name in Florida and continued the investigation from there. To read the full article and see what they found go here:

Adding to the mystery of campaign financing is the sheer bareness of the Freedom Frontier Action Network super Pac’s website:


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