How to move some serious product…


As we on this blog grapple with the concept of consumerism, it’s important to remember what we’re up against. We are being sold an endless array of amazing goods and services all packaged and marketed in such a way that our all of our needs -from the mundane to the most intimate- can be addressed with a trip to your local retailer, or with a few clicks on your laptop. In an attempt to give us a fresh perspective on how advertisers so skillfully ply their craft and peddle their pitiful wares, Kendra Eash recently presented this potential narrative via McSweeney’s for how to make a seriously killer brand video.

Perhaps not ironically, the stock video company Dissolve used Eash’s article to create the following video to help market themselves as being able to help their customers rise above the mediocrity of other stock video users.

By using generic stock video…

The brilliance of this ad lies in the way it forces us to confront the hollowness of most advertising, by being so completely hollow itself. That I can view this hollowness as brilliant gives me considerable pause as I question what other aspects of our hollow consumer culture are just as empty and meaningless as this generic brand video.

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