Is Technology the Answer?

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Monica Perez

With so many innovative ideas and quickly advancing technologies some believe that we may not have to worry about the future so much. But can new technologies and innovation really solve all our problems?

For some like, Mitchell Joachim at Terraform One, the answer is yes. Terraform One works on designing communities that are locally sustainable in all areas including, buildings, infrastructure, transportation, and waste treatment. By combining architecture and urban planning with new advancements in synthetic biology the team at Terraform One imagines a future in which we live as one with the environment. By grafting trees together as well as biologically engineering them to grow in certain ways homes and entire cities can be designed. Terraform One works not only with modified plants but also works with synthetically grown meat to create structures. The team also has various ideas on new vehicle and transportation designs created from synthetically grown materials that they believe would be much safer and eco friendly.

Currently Terraform One is working on a plan for recreating Brooklyn, Joachim’s hometown, but can see their innovative ideas expanding to other cities as well. I personally hold my on skepticism about the likelihood of a project like this being successfully implemented but it is interesting to see the out of the box solutions new technologies can allow.


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  1. tesschilton

    This is a very interesting, very out of the box solution. I am very interested to see what comes out of their experiments. I agree with you that new technologies are going to be one of the best tools we will have in saving the environment yet sometimes they seem a little too far fetched. I wonder how many people would actually be willing to give up their homes to live in homes that are grown. I know I certainly would:)

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