May One Transparency

Shanice Hrouda

We’ve been discussing transparency relatively frequently, with a particular focus on company actions and political campaign funding. Generally, these two go hand in hand.

So lets talk about MAY ONE, the kick-start campaign using money- donations by everyday citizens to get big money out of our government.

The goal is to launch an experiment to see whether we [the people] can kick-start a campaign for fundamental reform, to see if we the people, can reform the way that campaigns are funded. With regards to specific proposal reforms, Lawrence Lessig’s campaign finance reform group Rootstrikers has listed five specific proposals which may evolve.

The proposals are listed and described in the link below:

FYI: this super PAC reached their first goal 18 days early with a whooping $1.13 million raised thus far.

So my basic question- how is this super PAC any different from any other political group?
One word: Transparency. Their website is clear, concise, and full of information that actually tells you something about their agenda. They will be listing the names of large contributors prominently on their site. They will not accept anonymous contributions, or contributions from anonymizing entities. None of the money raised through this citizens-up campaign will be spent for overhead or other indirect costs. 100% of that money will be devoted to campaigns. None of the directors of the Mayday PAC will be paid. In other words, all overhead and other expenses will not be covered with the donations of people wishing to change the government. People who are not citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. are unable to pledge or give any item of value. Matching donors will be listed once the initial two funding goals are reached.

The group appears to openly, honestly, and directly answer questions, a rarity in the general political field today. IF May One is able to succeed, it will be due to their transparency, word of mouth, and the actions of the people. I will be curious to see where/what this campaign will lead to if they are able to succeed. Their direction and message is clear. We need more transparency in the world that we have today.

If curiosity has gotten the better of you, take a look at their web site, get your questions answered if you have any. Perhaps it’s a cause that appeals to you, but then again, perhaps not. Either way, as far as I’m concerned, its a transparent step in the right direction.

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