The New Economy Get-Together Nov. 13th

The New Economy Get-Together Nov. 13th

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This is a free event!

All around us, innovators are building cooperative, ethical, and community-rooted enterprises, reclaiming the commons, and democratizing and reorienting finance. We are finding new ways to share skills and goods, measure success, and meet growing human needs on a finite planet. At the same time, our growing mobilizations in the streets are building power to resist and replace unjust systems. Through all of these efforts, a movement is emerging that could change our society and the world. Join us to meet other advocates and practitioners, build a shared narrative, and strengthen the emergent local network for systemic change.

The New Economy Get-Together is a flagship event of the national New Economy Week 2015. Now in its third year, and for the first time with a Seattle event, New Economy Week 2015 will challenge us to explore what systemic change really looks like. We hope that by drawing attention to big ideas and concrete examples of real solutions, we will expand the public conversation and what’s politically possible, bringing us closer to a just, sustainable, and democratic society.

When? November 13, 2015 – 5-7 pm

Where? Impact HUB Seattle, Pioneer Square (220 Second Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104)  

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“From Austerity to Prosperity” is the theme of Week, hosted by the New Economy Coalition.  The weeks conversation will touch on five pressing challenges that stand between us and tomorrow’s economy, inviting community leaders, researchers—and you!—to respond to them.

1: Good Work and Opportunity for All
2: Building an Economy Where #BlackLivesMatter
3: Democracy Versus the 1%
4: A People’s Climate Agenda
5: Enough to Go Around

Register for the Get-Together. This is a free event, donations welcomed. We’ll send you a round-up of the content created for New Economy Week prior to the event.

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