Normalization of Narcissism

Ashley Davidson

This article seems to imply that taking (and looking at) selfies is causing self-absorption to the point of mental disorder. I would agree that our selfie/Facebook/Instagram obsessed culture certainly promotes this attitude; but rather than point to a cause, I think it begs a question. How did we get to this point? Why is being a blatant narcissist socially acceptable?

Professor Thomas Plante, of Santa Clara University, cites heavy media influence and an individualistic society as a root of our narcissism culture in Psychology Today. And perhaps more interestingly, a piece written nearly 10 years ago when the internet (and certainly, social media) was still in it’s infancy, implies that there is a lot more to our current individualistic social values than the rise of the selfie.


  1. urbanferal

    It is important to think critically about the ways social media and “selfie posting” affect our mental health and self perceptions, and I do realize that social networking is an obvious tool for narcissists to broadcast there self love, but I also think it is important to encourage self love. For so long the media has decided for us what we think is beautiful and I feel that it’s not such a bad thing if people feel good enough about themselves to post a selfie pic. Another point this made me think of is that if social media leads people to talk and post about themselves, then perhaps it also encourages introspection for some individuals. This could be a healthy thing in some cases. More introspection is always good.

  2. thenarcissistwrites

    I definitely agree that there’s a lot more to it than just the selfies.

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