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If you haven’t taken a good look at social media in recently, it is a sight to be seen. Whether it be Buzzfeed’s top GIFs of 2014, quizzes to match which celebrity you are most similar too, or even a compilation of cats taking “selfies”; it is pretty undeniable that the state of the platforms we once used to keep in touch and try and maintain meaningful relationships with friends out side our emendate location has changed for the worse. I could go on for quite a while about all the reasons that this is happening, but this is not why I’m posting today. The reason I shared the video above from (a site notorious for posting the same type of celebrity/irrelevant culture alike) had a video I found refreshingly insightful.

It talks about the next American Revolution. A side of the revolution that endorses renewable energy, independently produced goods, and most of all a paradigm shift in the way that American’s are beginning to think in order to protect themselves from the capitalist structure that is becoming more blatant on a daily basis. Although the video does not go into grave detail about how deeply a particular citizen can contribute on a larger scale, it takes the first step to bringing the message to the mainstream media. By seeing this message on it shows me that the somewhat radical left are not the only people thinking that a change must happen.

Unfortunately the far left is not the only group of people in America that believe a second revolution will occur in the soon future. Whether you want to refer to them as America’s Militia, Oath-keepers, Constitutionalists, or just paranoid radicals looking to the impending day that American’s government turns on its citizens; there are another much angrier group of Americans that want change as well. A brief video describing these people and their situation can be found at the link below:

These people believe, like the far left (although they argue their message has nothing to do with the dichotomy of conservative and liberal), that a drastic change must be made in our great nation to defend the rights that we are entitled to. Although I really don’t agree with this radical nature of what these “Oath-Keepers” would like to see done, in terms of closing our borders, eliminating all socialized programs (because who likes mail, schools, or doctors?), and arming the citizens of the US incase our military turns against us; it begs the question how much longer do we have in the system we are so deeply enthralled in now?

Just some food for thought.


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  1. katielowell

    The two movements here seem to embody two vastly different responses to a universal fear of vulnerability. I think the media’s ability to re-entrench party lines and focus on radical extremists is the main reason that we are unable to form successful coalitions that unite across party lines.

    Although both videos propose vastly different ways to fill the gap after economic and political crisis, I think it is important to note that both groups believe that change stems from a crisis or collapse of some sort. History shows us that substantial change grows out of failed policies or economic slumps, proving the validity of both group’s foundational arguments. I wonder, will these be mere responses to eventual collapse or will these movements, protests, and gatherings ignite the crisis we need to implement change?

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