Rethinking Prosperity Undergraduate Learning Community

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This spring quarter at the University of Washington, the Rethinking Prosperity undergraduate learning community will reconvene with a new group of students who will be encouraged to share ideas, help others with their work, and participate in thinking together about the challenges of creating sustainable societies and communities. Led by CCCE and Rethinking Prosperity Director Lance Bennett, the class will focus on the big picture ideas embodied by Rethinking Prosperity. Here’s an excerpt from the class syllabus:

The current global economic order creates many challenges for human well being, from food shortages, poor wages and living conditions, to growing crises with the environment, energy and other resources. Despite these limits to growth, calls for more economic growth continue to be issued by politicians and economists across the political spectrum. Even if continued growth is possible, it is likely to create more sustainability issues and climate change, along with economic and social instability. This class explores these dilemmas facing our civilization and considers alternative models for economics and politics that may lead to new ways of thinking about prosperity in a low growth but happier future.

These undergraduate learning community members will also contribute to our blog, so be on the lookout for some great new posts!


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