Retrospective: New Economy Week 2015 @ Rethinking Prosperity

New Economy Get-Together

Rethinking Prosperity participated in this year’s New Economy Week by organizing two Seattle events: The New Economy Get-Together that brought together numerous local stakeholders and organizations, like Yes! Magazine, Got Green?, and Pinchot University; and the screening of “This Changes Everything,” a documentary directed by Avi Lewis which was developed in parallel to the critically acclaimed Naomi Klein worldwide bestseller with the same title.   Project Fellow Deric Gruen also published an interview for the theme of Day Four, “A People’s Climate Movement,” that appeared in Naomi Klein’s, The Leap, blog.

Overall, almost 200 local New Economy community members attended the events and engaged in lively discussions about the pressing challenges that stand between us and tomorrow’s economy. The five selected topics were: 1) Good Work and Opportunity for All, 2) Building an Economy Where #BlackLivesMatter, 3) Democracy Versus the 1%, 4) A People’s Climate Agenda, and 5) Enough to Go Around.

Check out photos from the events on our Facebook Page.

The Get-Together took place on Friday, November 13, at the Seattle Impact Hub and featured speeches from Pinchot University President Jill Bamberg and Oakland-based Movement Generation’s Mateo Nube. The attendees of the event discussed the five New Economy Week themes and exchanged ideas for how to address these challenges. While doing so, everybody enjoyed refreshments thanks to our sponsors: Standard Bakery, Starvation Alley, Iggy’s, and Central Co-Op.

We would like to thank all of our partners who helped us to make these two events happen, first and foremost the New Economy Coalition.


For the New Economy Get-Together:

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For the Screening of “This Changes Everything”:

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