The Looming Paradox Nobody Wants to Address

The Looming Paradox Nobody Wants to Address

The Looming Paradox Nobody Wants to Address

-Max Grinberg

In this day and age you can look at our current economic system in two different ways. You can either choose to ignore climate change, the collapse in biodiversity, or the exponential depletion of the Earth’s water, soil, minerals, or oils… or you don’t. Either way it creates a paradox of salvation: that to succeed we destroy ourselves, to fail we destroy ourselves. Meaning if we continue to deplete the Earth of it’s resources, we will eventually be extinct as a race. Or on the other hand say we do find alternative ways to sustain our energy and consumption needs, the sheer amount of “stuff” we will possess will eventually create a vast lack of space eventually killing ourselves off.


We are beginning to drill in untouched lushly diverse biospheres in our planet in order to sustain the type of demand driven by our over consumption and greed. Whether it be rain forests in South America, or national parks in Africa, or even ice sheets in Antarctica, the human footprint on planet Earth is becoming an issue we can ignore no longer. Unfortunately according to Monboit the tragedy of the stripping our planet has only just begun. Although it feels like the idea of limitting consumption is beginning to gain attention in the public’s eye, iron ore production has risen 180% in the last 10 years, global paper consumption is a a record high.

Because of the the exponential amount of population growth these problems will only get worse. Efficiency of production/consumption will solve nothing as growth continues. We are so consumed with creating a lavish life for ourselves we are killing the materials that we depend on for existence. Distractions to keep our attention off the biggest problem of all… protecting our environment. We need to be aware of problems such as this and not be afraid to bring them up in conversation. Strive for jobs that aim to take society in an alternative direction. And most of all open our eyes to what is really going on.

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