The Minimum Wage Debate & University of Washington

Sasha G.

The minimum wage debate has been pervasive in the Seattle area. This includes the UW Seattle campus, which has been the location of numerous protests, and a formal minimum wage debate. Most recently, this past Thursday Kashama Sawant and WFSE union members rallied at the UW medical center to demand a $15 an hour base pay for all UW workers. A major message of the protestors was that UW administrative staff are receiving pay increases while other worker’s pay has stagnated.

Check out The Daily article here:


In April, I covered a protest held at Red Square which was closely related. The UW custodial workers sought to expose the abuses they endure from management at UW custodial services. They claim that they are denied basic worker’s rights such as sick leave, vacation time, and proper supplies to do their jobs. You can read the article here:


I also covered the minimum wage debate which was held at the UW. Experts debated who exactly earns the minimum wage and what the negatives would be of raising it. See that article here:




  1. ccceprosperity

    If you are unfamiliar with the minimum wage debate, you can learn more here:

  2. Millie Goebel

    It is fascinating to hear about the inequalities that are active in the inner workings of our University. The idea of the neoliberal university encompasses an idea that universities are turning into a myriad of capitalistic enterprises. I think the treatment of the custodial services demonstrates some of the areas of our university that are treated equally. It would be interesting to do a cross analysis of the benefits of all university employees and if different benefits/treatment were provided to more high profile and profitable positions.


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