The Solution Is Beyond Lowering Prices of Organic Food

vegetables at whole foods

By Stephanie Forbis

| One may think that only rich people can afford organic food because it is so expensive. The important aspect to take into consideration is not simply the cost of it being more but understanding why that cost is more. Organic food takes into account our environment, community, and the animals and people producing it. So it needs to not be a question of why is organic food expensive but instead why are people in our society that are unable to buy good food. Shouldn’t we change poverty instead of making organic foods cheaper? Making organic foods cheaper isn’t necessarily a solution because lowering the price would compromise the value of protecting the environment and the people who produce it.

It is more than just merely a price issue; it is a systematic issue within our government. We need a government to care about the health of its people and to ensure that its people have access to the proper nutrition. Between 1960 and 2006, the “percentage of obese adults has nearly tripled and the percentage of adults who ate five or more fruits and vegetables a day fell from 42% to 26%. Furthermore, less than a third of Americans ages twenty to seventy-four today are at a healthy weight. These statistics are proof to where the health of our society has failed due to the lack of care and action by our government to truly provide healthy options for society.

Moreover, there are regulations that increase the price of dairy that is controlled by the government, which leads to cheese costing 37% more in the United States. These subsidiaries don’t benefit the small farmers it only benefits the large corporate farms. The government needs to recognize the importance of our health and to stop subsidizing foods that are not benefiting its citizens even if they are the cheapest. Furthermore, the deeper problem lies not in simply the cost of organic food but in how the government needs to enforce and educate the importance of a healthy diet and to make sure that everyone has access to it. Organic food needs to be for all and if it costs more to produce because it is environment friendly then we should all be able to eat it which will have to be done be closing the income inequality gap that exists in our society.

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