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  1. The ‘fourth industrial revolution’: potential and risks for Africa — Ross Harvey, The Conversation
    March 30, 2017
    “The [fourth industrial] revolution’s most exciting dimension is its ability to address negative externalities – hidden environmental and social costs.”
    Type/tags: article, economy, Africa, technology, circular economy, development
  2. Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economics (In Conversation) — Kate Raworth, Upstream
    April 3, 2017
    “In her new book, Doughnut Economics, renegade economist Kate Raworth explains why it’s time to explore new images that tell different stories about the economy. Kate walks us through the many aspects of her proposal for a new picture of economics, while discrediting some of the old assumptions and exploring new solutions.”
    Type/tags: media (podcast), economy, Doughnut Economics, new economy, future, limits
  3. These 10 companies control everything you buy — Kate Taylor, Business Insider
    April 4, 2017
    “In an effort to push these companies to make positive changes — and for customers to realize who controls the brands they’re buying — Oxfam created a mind-boggling infographic that shows how interconnected consumer brands really are.”
    Type/tags: article, media (infographic), consumerism, companies
  4. Seven ways to think like a 21st century economist — Kate Raworth, openDemocracy
    April 5, 2017
    “Economics matters enormously for the future, but its fundamental ideas are centuries out of date.”
    Type/tags: article, economy, Doughnut Economics, 21st century, growth
  5. Ancestor, What Did YOU Do at the Time of the Great Transition? — Pamela Boyce Simms, Grassroots Economic Organizing
    April 5, 2017
    Pamela Boyce Simms writes a letter to descendants of the 21st century generation, outlining the steps we must take to achieve a unified, post-carbon future.
    Type/tags: article, environment, society economy, transition, future, post-carbon
  6. Measuring the ROI for circularity soon may be easier — Barbara Grady, GreenBiz
    April 6, 2017
    “…the full value of circularity has yet to be realized or even postulated in business case return-on-investment metrics, experts say. And that’s among things holding back broader adoption.”
    Type/tags: article, economy, circular economy, materials, circularity, sustainability


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