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  1. Marxism, ecology and the Anthropocene: A debate — Saral Sarkar, John Bellamy Foster, Ecologize
    March 26, 2017
    Read a question and response between Saral Sarkar and John Bellamy Foster on ecosocialism, capitalism, sustainable development, and degrowth.
    Type/tags: article, economy, environment, Marxism, capitalism, ecosocialism
  2. If Socialism and Feminism Had a Baby, This Is What It Would Look Like — Allen White, Alternet
    March 27, 2017
    “A ‘caring economy’ would eliminate the destructive assumption that self-interest drives the market.”
    Type/tags: article, economy, society, socialism, feminism, caring economy, Great Transition
  3. A Path To Prosperity That We Can All Embrace — Tom Murray, Forbes
    March 29, 2017
    “As President Trump charges through his first 100 days, there is a risky theme being pushed that a prosperous America comes with a choice between environmental protection and economic growth. This concept is not only false, but dangerous and short-sighted.”
    Type/tags: article, politics, economy, environment, prosperity, sustainability
  4. Here’s how environmental justice leaders are pushing forward in the Trump era — Laurie Mazur, Grist
    March 30, 2017
    Amidst challenges facing environmental justice at the federal level, Grist gathered a group of leaders from across the country to discuss their work in American communities.
    Type/tags: article, environment, politics, economy, democracy, environmental justice, communities, climate change
  5. Transforming Capitalism: 7 Acupuncture Points — Otto Scharmer, The Huffington Post
    April 1, 2017
    “[Otto Scharmer takes us] on a tour through the landscape of some current initiatives, and at the end of this journey [he proposes] how we might link up and support the larger landscape of economic transformation.”
    Type/tags: article, capitalism, economy, new economy, system, leadership, activism


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