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  1. “Reform” won’t solve our biggest problems — Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
    April 23, 2017
    “We can boil at the inequities and destructiveness of the current system. There are times and places that are appropriate for that. But our best chance to traverse the the path to a more decentralized world while minimizing harm and maximizing success is to begin building it.”
    Type/tags: article (blog), governance, systems, decentralization, communication
  2. The Policy Weapon Climate Activists Need — Gar Alperovitz, Joe Guinan and Thomas M. Hanna, The Nation
    April 26, 2017
    “Government can save the climate from burning the same way it saved the economy from depression: Buy out the companies behind the crisis.”
    Type/tags: article, environment, politics, economy, energy, climate change, policy
  3. 2. Tell a New Story – 2/7 Doughnut Economics — Kate Raworth, Tom Lee, Doughnut Economics
    April 27, 2017
    Part 2 of a 7-part series capturing the ideas of Doughnut Economics in 60-second animations.
    Type/tags: media (video), economy, neoliberalism, Doughnut Economics
  4. Postsocialist/Postcolonial Rural Lifeworlds vs Degrowth, Defuturing, Decoloniality – Call for Papers — Valer Simion Cosma, Telciu Summer Conferences
    April 2017
    “The 6th Annual Telciu Summer Conference seeks contributions on the history, impact and perspectives of “alternatives to development” (Arturo Escobar), rather than alternative developments and of approaches to sustainability considered in relation to rural lifeworlds, subsistence economies, and rural-urban networks.”
    Type/tags: call for papers, economy, conference, development, sustainability
  5. How to Kick the Growth Addiction — Tim Jackson, Great Transition Initiative
    April 2017
    “Ecological economist Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity Without Growth: Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow, explores the need to envision a post-growth economy with Allen White, Senior Fellow at the Tellus Institute.”
    Type/tag: article (interview), Tim Jackson, economy, post-growth, society
  6. A Shareable Explainer: What are the Commons? — Bart Grugeon Plana, P2P Foundation
    April 29, 2017
    Read this piece for a brief introduction to the commons and what they may do for our future.
    Type/tags: article, economy, commons, business, resources


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