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COP 22: “One step closer towards a climate that is incompatible with dignified life”Degrowth (November 21)
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Tadzio Müller goes a step further and points at the elephant in the room or what Ulrich Brand calls the “imperial mode of living“: Müller sees the refusal to discuss the quickest possible exit from fossil fuels, the large gaps in the climate finance commitments of developed countries and the interest-group-led enforcement of market mechanisms as the real message: that the global North’s model of prosperity is not negotiable.
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Degrowth – is it time for a new kind of economics?Deutsche Welle (November 21)
With the planet reaching its biophysical limits on what it can provide us, a growing number of economists and environmentalists say we need to switch focus from economic growth to human and ecological wellbeing.
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Gus Speth delivers the 2016 David Sive Annual Memorial Lecture at Columbia Law SchoolThe Next System Project (November 22)
In honor of the life and legacy of David Sive, the Annual Memorial Lecture gives scholars the opportunity to contribute to the critical debate around climate change and reignite the passions of lawyers and activists who know that another world is possible. Watch Speth’s lecture to gain a deeper understanding the real economic drivers of climate change from one of the movement’s preeminent scholars.
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Healing the Metabolic Rift between Humanity and the PlanetP2P Foundation (November 24)
An interview with John Thackara about his last book How to Thrive in the Next Economy. He discusses “practical innovations in sustainability across the world”, in addition to concepts like “metabolic rift”, “degrowth”, and “the commons”.
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What will spark a degrowth movement in the USA?Uneven Earth (November 25)
In the end, it is not about the word, it is about sparking socio-ecological change toward a fairer, smaller, and simpler economy. Degrowth explicitly or by other names.
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