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Webinar “Justice and Equity after Fossil Fuels”Our Renewable Future 

November 10, 2016 10:00 AM

Join us for a conversation with Miya Yoshitani, Executive Director of Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Timothy DenHerder-Thomas of Cooperative Energy Futures for an engaging, compelling conversation exploring the future of energy democracy and examining implications of a transition to 100% renewable energy onto environmental justice issues.

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The next digital economy: Why refusing to grow is better businessP2P Foundation 

November 1, 2016

Author Douglas Rushkoff interviews himself about his new book. In this interview, he challenges us to reframe the way we frame growth and economy when we think about business.

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To deal with climate change we need a new financial systemThe Guardian 

November 5, 2016

When it comes to global warming, we know that the real problem is not just fossil fuels – it is the logic of endless growth that is built into our economic system. If we don’t keep the global economy growing by at least 3% per year, it plunges into crisis. That means we have to double the size of the economy every 20 years, just to stay afloat. It doesn’t take much to realise that this imperative for exponential growth makes little sense given the limits of our finite planet.

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Tags: economy, environment, growth, debt, banks, money system


Scrap the conventional model of Third World “development” — Resilience 

November 6, 2016

Far from progressing towards “self-sustaining, economic growth” and prosperity, the Third World has fallen into such levels of debt that few would now hold any hope of repayment. Meanwhile many Third World governments deprive their people and strip their forests more fiercely to raise the money to meet the debt repayments. The magnitude of the debt problem sets a major challenge to anyone who believes the conventional development strategy can lead the Third World to prosperity.

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Tags: economy, politics, society, environment, debt, third world, growth, wealth distribution, inequality, alternative development, sufficiency


Does the Economy Really Need to Keep Growing Quite So Much?The Atlantic 

November 4, 2016

For half a century, developed nations have focused on how to make their economies grow faster, hoping that strong growth would improve life for all their populations. But what if growth isn’t the key to raising the standard of living across a society?

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Tags: economy, environment, society, inequality, growth, GDP


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