Weekly News Roundup – Oct. 24, 2016

Weekly News Roundup

Rethinking Prosperity’s weekly roundup of news on the topic of economy, environment and democracy

Oil & Money: tackling corruption and climate changeOpenDemocracy

Solving the climate crisis and securing a liveable world means two things for Oil & Money — oil must stay underground and money must flow away from dirty energy. London, the capital of fossil fuels and oil money laundering, has a pivotal role to play. It can no longer be a funnel of endless finance for dirty energy. Regulatory solutions are needed to drastically reduce the carbon density of the city’s financial sector.

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All Solutions are Inadequate: Why It Doesn’t Matter If Politicians Mention Climate ChangeCounterPunch
The fact is that despite all the people who recognize the threat of global warming, few (save the indigenous peoples of the world) are willing to face the radical restructuring of our society and economy that is necessary to fully address climate change along with the myriad environmental catastrophes we are already experiencing.

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Conventional thinking will not solve the climate crisisThe Guardian
Choosing the best possible future means considering radical scenarios that align energy use and industry with climate action

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Some more Reflections on the Budapest Degrowth-Conference Degrowth
Even if I am relatively new to the Degrowth-scene, I am strongly persuaded that this is a decisive time in the evolution of the European intellectual and activist degrowth-movement. Therefore, I will look here at the conference as a device for measuring the pulse of the community of degrowth-supporters, and as a milestone to reflect on its overall direction.”

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The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Global Fisheries Could Be Even Worse Than We Thought Pacific Standard

Global fisheries could lose approximately $10 billion in annual revenue by 2050 if climate change continues unchecked.

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The Business Of Climate ChangeThe Huffington Post

What’s different is that we now realize combatting something as big as climate change requires action by everyone, from individuals to governments to businesses.

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