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Degrowth, an alternative to growthFrankfurter Allgemeine

Some economists have realized: the economy cannot keep growing. A rebuttal to Rainer Hank on the benefits of the Degrowth Movement.

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Leaving our “Extractivist” past behind is about survivalResilience

The tension between what is politically possible under the world’s current political and economic systems and what is ecologically necessary exposes the need for change, said Naomi Klein, keynote speaker for the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership’s annual Without Borders conference held last weekend at Kalamazoo College. While the Paris climate change agreement looked like the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era, it is not legally binding nor can it make enough of a difference to change the course ecological disaster.

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Could Cleveland become the sustainable city of tomorrow?Curbed

Cleveland’s economy, climate, rich soil, and ample water supply make it a prime test bed for next-generation initiatives focused on expanding urban areas while protecting and conserving their environmental assets.

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Finding Private Sector Opportunities in the ‘New Carbon Economy’Environmental Leader

Cashing in on climate change projects offers a huge financial opportunity for companies. And as the Paris climate agreement goes into effect next week, the potential for companies to work with cities and states as countries look to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions is going to get even bigger.

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Rethinking development, sustainability balancing act Livemint
India has a chance to break away from past development paradigms that have largely subjugated the interests of the environment

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Can we balance the energy trilemma?GreenBiz
When looking at the energy trilemma, it’s clear that some progress has been made toward meeting the target set in Paris. Released today, this year’s Energy Trilemma Index, developed by the World Energy Council in partnership with Oliver Wyman, has seen many countries make real advances in balancing the three trilemma goals: energy security; energy equity (including access and affordability); and environmental sustainability.

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