What Do You Think Our Planet Will Look Like After Climate Change?

What Do You Think Our Planet Will Look Like After Climate Change?

Arista Burwell-Chen

This past May, the Niels Bugge Cartoon Award created a contest called “Oceans are in our hands” in reference to the rising water levels due to climate change.

Artist Nickolay Lamm also created a montage of photo realistic interpretations showing how the rising tides will impact historical monuments across the nation. For each computer graphic he projects potential renderings for rising sea levels at five feet, twelve feet, and twenty-five feet. While sea level projections from the government are only at a 6.5 foot increase by 2100, the graphics are still astounding.

Both the comic and computer generated renderings about global warming’s potential effect on our planet drive one point home: We need to take collective action to battle climate change before it is too late.

But how do we do this? Well, for starters, we need to become more informed. Check out Rising Tide, an international grassroots project dedicated to promoting community-based solutions to climate change. Their website addresses ways to battle climate inaction such as unmasking industry greenwash, confronting false solutions, resisting the expansion of the fossil fuel empire and more.

Check out the winning comics from the Bugge Cartoon Award below and Lamm’s sea level projections here.

1st Place: Andrei Popov (Russia)



2nd Place: Bruce Mackinnon (Canada)Image


3rd Place: Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)Image



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