What We’re Reading


Here’s what some of the Rethinking Prosperity members are reading this week:

Deric Gruen

“I’m reading “When Green Growth is not Enough” by Anders Hayden, who explores the battle of three paradigms of environment, specifically climate action, and economy:

1) Business-As-Usual – ‘don’t sweat it, just keep on truckin’

2) Ecological Modernization or Green Growth- ‘techno-policy will save us’

3) Sufficiency – ‘small is beautiful’ specifically in the context of Canada and the UK.”

Lance Bennett

“I am reading “Resilient Life” by Brad Evans and Julian Reid. It is too PoMo for my tastes, but makes good points about how resilience has worked its way down to the individual level as people live ever more risky lives with fewer safety nets and learn to be ‘resilient.'”

Collin Syfert 

“There was an article this morning in Al Jazeera titled How Fostering Resilience Keeps Low-Income Communities Down. It’s an interesting critique of the resiliency discourse that, like the discourse of growth, tries to break false dichotomies.”…

John de Graaf

“Currently reading Paul Roberts’ “The Impulse Society“. Excellent!”


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