What Will You Do As A Citizen?

Millie Goebel


Lawerence Lessig in his latest TED Talk this past March identifies what is at the core of our dysfunctional government, corruption. However, he poses a question that is clear and direct, what will you do as a citizen to solve this problem?

Lessig and group of New Hampshire residents started the Granny D walk. The walk is a testament to campaign finance reform. This walk covered all of New Hampshire and ended in the state capital. Across their walk they talk about the issue of money in politics. Lessig was shocked by the amount of apathy in Americans who feel there is nothing to be done to fix this problem. However there is a surprising amount of people who are frustrated by this problem. Granny D’s walk will happen in 2015 and 2016 with the intention of gaining more followers who are dedicated to this reform. Lessig believes that the Granny D walk will give Americans a sense of hope and drive to restore our democracy.

Do you think a walk is enough to make our government recognize we have a serious problem? Will you start a Granny D walk in Washington? How can we as citizens create a sense of hope for America?

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