Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Whose fault is it anyway?


We can’t continue this trend of growth because our planet can’t sustain it. We have been on a ride to the end and we have been stepping on the gas pedal to get there.  But the majority of people fail to recognize this end because they are just unaware or they know about but choose to ignore it. How did we get to this point and who is to blame?

Do we blame the politicians whose campaign can be bought and sold for the right price? Do we blame the board of directors at the IMF and World Bank who impose restrictions, deregulations and constraints on countries that receive aid from these institutions? Or maybe we blame the marketing agencies that are constantly bombarding us with the messages that we should buy and buy in order to show off our identity through material goods. Since we are playing the blame game let’s not forget us, the working class citizen who is struggling to pay bills and raise children with the right sense of morals. Maybe we are to blame for not standing up and fighting back the individualistic idea of it’s a “dog eat dog world” so I better focus on getting mine while I can because the person next to me is getting theirs.

When I first started college I would have said we should blame the IMF, the government and any institution in place that promotes the idea of getting what you can now and let the next generations worry about the cost. They are the power brokers, movers and shakers of a nation’s economy therefore they are to blame for our economic woes. While I still believe this to be true, I don’t buy into the idea they are purely to blame. Yes, neoliberalism has infiltrated and become intertwined in the college atmosphere and most structures of our society and I think the blame falls on those leaders and power brokers because they decided the direction we should take and what content to teach and they created a machine that pumps out the same people with the same economic and worldly views. But, we as a nation, as a people have allowed this to go on and we need to take responsibility for it. We may not have the tools and resources to fight back but we have something the opposition doesn’t have. We have the numbers.

First we have to be real with ourselves and with our ideas of the economy. Until we stop ignoring the truth that we can’t keep this up forever, we can’t fully address the problem with any sort of real solution.  We the people may not be solely to blame but we can’t deny that we have played a role. We are not robots and we are not just a number, we have thoughts and opinions and ideas about how we want the system to work. If we don’t express these concerns and start becoming of aware than how will we ever change them.

The blame doesn’t solely fall on the IMF or the president of University of Washington and it certainly doesn’t fall on the citizen.  We are all to blame for this situation we are in and I believe it’s going to take all of us to pull ourselves out.


Here is a link to an article that brought on the inspiration for this blog.

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