William McDonough – Cradle to Cradle Design

Monica Perez

William McDonough proposes a solution to our unsustainable ways of production with the idea of cradle to cradle design. Cradle to cradle design takes into account the full life cycle of a product, from the origins of the materials used to create it to where those materials will end up. McDonough is a strong advocate of cradle to cradle design for all products, whether it be carpet flooring or entire cities. Many companies and countries (such as Nike, Gap, and China) have enlisted the help of McDonough to build sustainable buildings for them. By redesigning the way we produce things we can essentially place everything in a circular model of production, recycling, and reusing, eliminating waste as well as negative effects to our environment and health.

You can see a more in depth explanation of cradle to cradle design from McDonough in his Ted Talk or in his book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.

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