Richard Wolff on Economic Justice, Sustainability and Transition Beyond Capitalism

Richard Wolff on Economic Justice, Sustainability and Transition Beyond Capitalism

Rethinking Prosperity, a project of the University of Washington’s Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (CCCE), is hosting a public discussion with renowned economics scholar, radio host and writer Richard Wolff.

Unfortunately this event is completely full!  We will not be able to accommodate guests who did not register or wait-listed registrants that did not receive a confirmation email that space became available.  Please take a moment to subscribe to our email list to learn of future speakers.

Following the talk, there will be an intimate dinner with Prof. Wolff to continue the conversation. Space is very limited and a minimum donation is requested. For more information contact

For the past 35 years, Wolff as a Professor of Economics (University of Massachusetts-Amherst, New School University) has shaped the academic as well as the public discussion about the capitalist economy and its alternatives. He has written numerous books, including the groundbreaking work Democracy at Work, which inspired the creation of a nonprofit organization dedicated to showing how and why to make democratic workplaces real. In addition, Wolff host the weekly hour-long radio program “Economic Update,” which is syndicated on public radio stations nationwide, and he writes regularly for The Guardian and

In this presentation, Wolff will discuss the fundamental change away from capitalist enterprises that is needed to reverse the growing economic inequality, corrupted politics and ecological self-destruction that we are facing today.  Growing economic inequality, continuing systemic decline since 2008, and a corrupted politics, on one side, and ecological self-destruction on the other demand basic change. Reforms, regulations, laws have failed to prevent or cure these intertwined crises. More fundamental change is needed. We must transition away from capitalist enterprises – top-down hierarchies where major shareholders and their boards of directors make all key economic decisions. We must move to worker cooperatives that democratize enterprises. They will make the distribution of income much less unequal, respect ecological limits, and free politics from money because profit for a few is no longer enterprises’ “bottom line.”

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